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At Aimee Allison + Bridal Love it is our desire to truly and genuinely connect with our clients, get to know, who they are, what they want and provide services that will make you feel beautiful but most important make you feel like your best self. 

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Eyelash Extensions

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All makeup styling can be on location, or at our studio. All Eyelash extension services are at our studio


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eyelash Extension services

  Whichever set you choose you will leave with a full set of lashes - customized for you and NO DAMAGE to your natural lash health!

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Classic Full Set

Full set is the natural, everyday full set. Classic eyelash extensions are one extension to one natural lash. Classics will enhance your lashes by giving them the look of wearing mascara look.

2 Hours


Classic refill 2-3 week 60 minutes

Classic refill 4-5 week 90 minutes


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New Client Full Set

New Client Refill




**if you are having an issue finding the time that works best for you please contact us, TEXT is preferred.**


Signature Full Set

Signature full set is a combination of classic and volume eyelash extensions. Volume eyelash extensions add more fullness to the lash line, by placing multiple lighter extensions to one natural lash. This look will be a bit more enhanced than the classic set, instead of just getting the mascara look it will also add the look of eyeliner and mascara.

2.5 hours


   Signature refill 2-3 week 75 minutes

  Signature refill 4-5 week 90 minutes